Perinatal & Postpartum Therapy

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Perinatal Mood and Anxiety

Perinatal depression and anxiety are very common during and after pregnancy and can cause significant suffering in women and birthing people. Feelings of constant worry, isolation, guilt and hopelessness are common symptoms of PPD and PPA. The overwhelming tasks of caring for a new baby in addition to the changes in your body and hormonal fluctuations can make this time very challenging.

Talk therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) have been studied extensively and shown to help address pressing worries and concerns and assist in alleviating the often debilitating symptoms of PPA and PPD.

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Birth Trauma

Both physical and psychological trauma may be experienced throughout pregnancy and after birth. Prenatal and postpartum distress experienced before, during or after childbirth can lead to feelings of anxiety, shock and shame. Many situations can lead to birth trauma such as; if your pregnancy or labor did not go as expected, if you experienced complications, if you are not receiving the support and care you need and many more.

Postpartum post traumatic stress disorder (P-PTSD) is not uncommon after a traumatic birth or pregnancy. In counselling, we use cognitive behavioral therapy to address negative thoughts tied to birth trauma.

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Postpartum Overwhelm

The anxiety and overwhelm that accompany having a new baby is huge. It is easy to feel buried under the demands of attending to your baby while maintaining your other valued relationships and commitments in your life.

Counselling can help to clear away some of the overwhelm and help redefine your priorities to clarify what is important to you. As a team, we address your concerns and feelings of shame, guilt and stress to decrease isolation and improve feelings of self worth.

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