About My Practice

With over a decade of experience working in pediatrics, I utilize my background as an occupational therapist, and my understanding of anatomy, neuroscience, child development and emotional regulation to inform my counseling, coaching and consulting practice.

I use in-depth clinical knowledge and skills to provide counseling for children and their families. I am a graduate of New York University’s Masters in OT program, working in New York City for the majority of my career with families and their children from birth-21 years old.

I currently hold OTR/L licenses in California, Idaho, New Jersey, New York, and Utah. In British Columbia, I am a Registered Clinical Counselor, #19648.

Specialty Populations

Specialty populations include: ADHD, children who are neurodiverse, executive functioning disorder, sensory processing disorder and children with anxiety and emotional regulation challenges

Institutional Consultation

In addition to caregiver counseling and consultation, I provide feedback and strategies to school administrators and teachers on how to make the classroom more inclusive to all types of learners through environmental modifications and educational support strategies.


I have experience developing inclusive programming for many different types of students, in both private and public school settings. I can advise on how to develop a less restrictive environment for special education students, and all students with learning differences.

I love helping parents, by taking the anxiety out of parenthood, translating concerns into actionable strategies, and helping improve their understanding of their children.

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